The State Department’s IG report on Hillary Clinton’s email practices as Secretary of State has been a non-stop headache for her campaign.

A Democratic primary debate in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District seat got heated when the two top candidates in the race sparred over each other’s campaign finances.

VIDEO: America Rising Captures McAuliffe & Wang At Clinton Home Funder In 2013 

On Monday, CNN reported that Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) was under FBI investigation for potentially illegal campaign donations from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang. On Tuesday, he told reporters, “I’m not even sure if I’ve ever met the person, to be honest with you.”

17 hours ago

Feingold Goes Full Socialist With Sanders Support 

Failed former Senator Russ Feingold can’t seem to pick his poison in this caustic Democratic presidential contest.

20 hours ago

Retread Ted Ditches Toxic Terry 

Ted Strickland really can’t catch a break on the fundraising front. One of the perks of being a career politician and D.C insider like Retread Ted is supposed to be easy access to donors’ dough, but Strickland’s lackluster campaign has been plagued by cashflow woes since day one

22 hours ago

Front Pages Across The Country Show Depth Of Clinton’s Email Troubles 

Yesterday, the State Department’s Inspector General issued a “highly critical” rebuke of Hillary Clinton’s email practices during her time as Secretary of State.

23 hours ago

Clinton Scrambles To Hold Off Sanders In “Surprisingly Contentious” California Contest 

The delegate-rich California primary is less than two weeks away, and Hillary Clinton is making a mad scramble to stop her awful momentum in the Democratic primary.

24 hours ago

Ripped From The Headlines: Clinton’s Email Problems “Here To Stay,” “Inexcusable” 

While the FBI is still investigating Hillary Clinton due to her illicit, private server, the State Department Inspector General’s office has concluded their review.

1 day ago

Updated May 27, 2016

Watch Terry McAuliffe Change His Story Three Times In One Interview 

In a case of extremely bad timing, embattled Virginia governor and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe found himself booked on an “Ask The Governor” radio call-in show he’d committed to before the bombshell news broke that his campaign contributions and personal finances are under investigation by the FBI.

2 days ago

Ripped From The Headlines: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “On Thin Ice,” “Toxic” 

One of the political casualties in the ongoing war between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has been DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

2 days ago

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