New Video Highlights Randy Perkins’ Horrible Temperament 

Today, the Congressional Leadership Fund released a new video highlighting Randy Perkins’ insulting behavior at a recent Florida 18th District editorial board meeting.

2 hours ago

New York Times: Evan Bayh Is Airballing Senate Campaign 

DC lobbyist and sometimes visitor to Indiana Evan Bayh is finding his race for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat is not going to be a coronation.

3 hours ago

First Debate Proves Maggie Hassan Stands For The Failed Status Quo 

After her debate performance this morning, Governor Maggie Hassan can’t be happy that she has five more debates to go in the New Hampshire Senate race. That’s because on topic after topic, Hassan was forced to defend the failed Obama-Clinton status quo that has proven so harmful for New Hampshire’s middle class.

3 hours ago

Clinton’s Millennial Woes Continue 

Hillary Clinton’s struggles with the Bernie Sanders crowd shows no sign of improvement. Even though Clinton rallied with the Socialist Senator this week, reporters are still chronicling her struggles with millennials

5 hours ago

Still Cleaning Up After Clinton: Obama To Extend Libya ISIS Campaign 

Like many of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy failures, her vehement advocacy for intervention in Libya continues to have repercussions long after she’s left office. Fox News reported yesterday that the Obama administration plans to extend its bombing campaign against ISIS in Libya

1 day ago

Ruben Kihuen Tied To FBI Investigation 

Nevada congressional candidate Ruben Kihuen is in hot water. Kihuen’s employer, the Ramirez Group has been publicly identified by the Las Vegas Review-Journal as tied to an FBI corruption investigation. 

1 day ago

Updated September 30, 2016

Cain’s Beleaguered Campaign Refuses To Take Down Deceptive Ad 

Emily Cain’s struggling campaign in Maine’s 2nd congressional district took another serious hit this week.

1 day ago

Hillary Clinton’s Costly College Plan Upsets Those Who Know It Best: Education Professionals 

This past summer, Hillary Clinton proposed an extension of her education proposal, a plan that eliminates college tuition for families who make less than $125,000 a year.

1 day ago

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky Hamper Hillary Clinton’s Already Poor Image 

Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, are proving to be unwanted liabilities during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Both have acted in ways that reflect many voters’ worst fears about the Democratic nominee.

1 day ago

Here’s The Proof That Deborah Ross Fought To Prevent A Sex Offender Registry 

Senator Richard Burr’s new ad showcasing former ACLU-NC Executive Director Deborah Ross’ fight to prevent a sex offender registry in North Carolina could be the most impactful ad of the 2016 cycle. Ross’ campaign has been rocked by her past shocking behavior.

2 days ago

Updated September 29, 2016

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