Who Is Tim Kaine? 

Secretary Clinton has selected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate, and in so doing, she has sent a clear message to the left-wing of her party: drop dead. Already this week, the far-left liberals who have long mistrusted Clinton began pushing back on the idea of Kaine as VP

12 hours ago

Dem Platform Awkwardly Burns Clinton’s Private Email Use 

The Democratic Party released its final platform today outlining the policies that the party would follow for the 2016 election. Tucked in the document’s many pages is a stinging rebuke of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, pointing out the travesty that Clinton will not face any consequences for her actions

20 hours ago

Democrat Platform Highlights Clinton’s Foreign Policy Failures 

The Democratic Party released its platform today, outlining its foreign policy goals and highlighting Hillary Clinton’s most dramatic failures as Secretary of State.

21 hours ago

Steve Santarsiero Laughably Calls Newfound Progressive Clinton A Centrist 

With the Democratic Convention in his backyard next week, Pennsylvania’s 8th District candidate Steve Santarsiero is running to embrace Hillary Clinton and laughably describes her as a sensible centrist.

22 hours ago

Tim Kaine Stumbles On The One Yard Line 

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) is the favorite to become Hillary Clinton’s running mate. With the announcement coming so soon, the last thing Kaine can afford is enflaming the left-wing of the Democratic Party because Clinton is already suspect among that crowd.

23 hours ago

Hillary Clinton’s Top Lies About Her Private Email Server 

In the shadow of FBI Director Comey’s damning indictment of Hillary Clinton’s dangerous judgement to use a private email server, Hillary Clinton’s lies about her private email server have become even more pronounced.

2 days ago

Updated July 22, 2016

Newsflash: Former Senator Feingold Still Relying On Out-Of-State Cash 

Former Senator Russ Feingold is once again doubling down on his “full flop” on his signature campaign finance pledge to raise a majority of funds from within Wisconsin.

2 days ago

Hillary Clinton’s June FEC report was posted last night. The picture it paints is one of a campaign spending tons of money, and having very little to show for it.

Déjà Vu: Media Blasts “Obscure” Political Loser Katie McGinty 

Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty may be new to the national political scene, but members of the media have apparently seen enough to offer some pretty grim analysis of her candidacy.

3 days ago

Updated July 21, 2016

Clinton’s Veepstakes Hits Troubled Spot 

Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential search is not going well. With Clinton’s pick coming later this week, she can hardly afford a negative story about her process, let alone four.

3 days ago

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