Ed Rendell Exposes Casey’s Recent Leftward Shift 

The Democratic Party grassroots is out for blood, and some politicians, like Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), have reacted by lurching leftward. Earlier in March, Politico reported that Senator Casey has tried to turn himself into a liberal “firebrand”

12 hours ago

Hey Andrew, Focus On Your Day Job 

Earlier this week, America Rising noted that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s lack of job creation for Upstate New York would be a tremendous impediment to his 2020 dreams. Since then two more pieces have been published that are sharply critical of Cuomo’s failed jobs record.

13 hours ago

During a Georgia-6 candidate forum this afternoon, Jon Ossoff continued to lie to voters about his experience as a Congressional staffer.

Cowardly Bill Nelson Bows To Liberal Pressure 

Yesterday Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) announced that he will join the attempted filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination.

19 hours ago

Yesterday marked the start of Georgia-6’s early voting period, yet instead of highlighting the efforts of in-state volunteers, Jon Ossoff has two Hollywood celebrities making headlines for him.

The Bernie-Clinton Divide Is Alive And Well In Virginia 

The divisive Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is having a lasting impact on the Democratic Party. Now as new elections approach, the divide between Clinton and Sanders voters is not going away.

2 days ago

The Pressure Is Getting To Chuck Schumer 

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been the Democratic Leader for only a few months, yet he’s already showing signs of melting down. The Democratic base is demanding complete obstruction, and with Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation vote upcoming, the New York Senator has never been under more pressure.

2 days ago

Like Clinton, Andrew Cuomo Has Been Awful For Upstate New York 

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) should talk to Hillary Clinton about what it’s like running for president with an uninspiring record of creating jobs. A persistent problem for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign was that as a New York Senator she had promised significant job creation in Upstate New York and failed miserably.

3 days ago

Montana Democratic Congressional candidate Rob Quist was already an unconventional choice to fill Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s open Congressional seat.

If Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) wants to fix a pay gap, he should start by fixing the one that exists in his own office.

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