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Halperin and Heilemann: Secret Clinton LLC Raises More Questions For Clintons 

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discussed the Associated Press’ story that revealed the existence of an LLC that was used to pay for Bill Clinton’s work for Teneo Consulting. That LLC was previously omitted from Personal Financial Disclosure forms for years.

16 hours ago

Meet Ann Kirkpatrick: Partisan Democrat 

Ann Kirkpatrick has tried to paint herself as a bipartisan member of Congress. In her video announcing she’s running for Senate, she says she’s “putting Arizona first.” And while that all sounds great, her record tells another story.

21 hours ago

Last week, Politico reported that “Democrats are nervous” about their chances to win a Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Joe Sestak’s anemic fundraising and embarrassing walking tour have gone so poorly, that Dems are looking for someone, anyone, to run against him.

The Clinton Dictionary 

The Clintons use words in ways that almost nobody else does. To make it easier, we’ve defined many of her strangely-used words below, so you know what they actually mean. almost no [awl-mohst noh] adjective. definition: $400,000 “‘Over the last 15 years, I’ve taken almost no capital gains and I’ve given 10% away.’ The tax […]

1 day ago

Hillary Clinton And Her Private Server Are The Hot Topic This Sunday 

ABC This Week highlighted the Associated Press report that one of Hillary Clinton’s emails was so sensitive in nature, that the FBI had required it to be classified before the State Department was allowed to release the emails to the public. While on CNN, the Associated Press reporter Julie Pace said about the emails, “this […]

3 days ago

Hillary Clinton’s No Good Very Bad Week 

It was another rough week for Hillary Clinton and her campaign; it started off in the midst of a 4-week long media black out. On Tuesday news broke that long time Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal had written a series of memos to then-Secretary Clinton regarding the situation in Libya, which it turns out he was […]

5 days ago

Updated May 23, 2015

At her small business roundtable event from earlier today, Clinton said it was “unfortunate” and concerning that Chinese companies are buying American companies. However, Clinton did not adopt this tough-on-Chinese companies approach when it came to accepting donations to her family Foundation. Just a couple of months ago, CBS reported that a privately-held Chinese conglomerate with “a direct tie […]

Raising New Questions, Clinton Received Now-Classified Information On Private Server 

The AP reports that Hillary Clinton received now-classified information about the Benghazi attacks on her private email server: “Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received information on her private email server about the deadly attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi that was classified Friday at the FBI’s request. The email in question, forwarded […]

5 days ago

Day After Clinton’s ‘Dead Broke’ Comment The Clintons Made $700,000 

Remember that now infamous comment Hillary Clinton made about being ‘dead broke’? The Washington Post now reports that the Clintons made $700,000 the following day, which is roughly 13X the median American family income.

5 days ago

Undisclosed Revenue Is Problematic For Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Ambitions 

Reports that the Clinton Foundation did not disclose and addition $26 million dollars of revenue are adding fuel to the fire that the Foundation hasn’t operated in the most ethical manner. The New York Times’ Nick Confessore said: NICK CONFESSORE: Well, the problem here Jose is that they keep being sloppy about this. They sign this […]

5 days ago

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