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Sunday Shows Debate Hillary’s Many Campaign Problems 

After a rough week of news for Hillary Clinton, the media and Democrats are continuing to criticize Clinton for the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation: And her lack of transparency:

51 mins ago

Crossroads GPS Hits NH Gov In First Ad Of The Cycle 

Crossroads GPS launched a new 1-minute radio ad today that calls New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan’s budget “the wrong set of priorities for New Hampshire families and businesses.”

3 days ago

Millionaire Pelosi Claims Members Of Congress Can’t Live Without Their Paycheck 

Today, House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi, whose net worth was over $100 million in 2013, claimed that members of Congress can’t live without having their paycheck on time. Pelosi: “I don’t know about you, but I think almost everybody I know cannot live without having their paycheck on time, members of Congress even, and yet they’re asking this Department […]

3 days ago

Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speech Demands Are Back! 

The New York Times reported this morning that Hillary Clinton is still scheduling paid speeches through April and still demanding highbrow perks at paid speeches, despite widespread negative press coverage. The Times reported Clinton dropped some of her most absurd requests like lemon wedges and crudité, but kept the big ticket items: In late January, […]

3 days ago

Chinese Dissident Says His Story In Clinton’s “Hard Choices” Is A Fabrication 

A memoir by Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese dissident whom Hillary Clinton has repeatedly claimed to have rescued in 2012, will be released next month. As Clinton tells the story, she made a “hard choice”—even going so far as to call the rescue a “James Bond-ish kind of activity”—to give Chen refuge in the U.S.,

4 days ago

#RetreadTed Strickland Announces Senate Bid, Hopes Ohioans Forget His Tenure As Governor 

Today, Ted Strickland has announced that he is going to run for Ohio’s Senate seat in 2016. What Strickland won’t be talking about though is how he failed Ohio when he served as Governor. Some facts about Strickland’s not so great tenure: Ohio lost over 370,000 jobs during Strickland’s time as Governor. Ohio’s unemployment rate […]

4 days ago

Virginia Governor and longtime Clinton apologist Terry McAuliffe is praising President Obama’s economic “policies,” calling their result “booming,” according to a story in IJReview. He goes on to claim his mentor, Hillary Clinton, would build on Obama’s “success.” Welcome to the McAuliffe-Clinton economy, where Virginia boasts “among the slowest-growing state economies” in the country!

Hillary Clinton Wants Us To Get Out Of Our Political Bunkers… That She Helped Dig 

Today at the Watermark conference in Silicon Valley, Hillary Clinton said if she could wave a magic wand, she would make people in Washington work together: “That we could get back to working together cooperatively again, that we could get out of our mindsets, our partisan bunkers…”

5 days ago

Jason Kander Thinks OTHERS Are Climbing The Ladder Too Quickly 

At an event yesterday, Missouri liberal Democrat Jason Kander said: “We don’t send senators to Washington so that they can climb the leadership ladder of their political party as fast as possible…” Oh, really?

5 days ago

Not Even Announced Yet And Democrat Candidate Already Getting Terrible Coverage 

Vincent Gentile is widely expected to be chosen as the Democratic nominee for the NY-11 congressional seat. But this brutal NY1 story highlights the many (MANY) obstacles Gentile will likely face, including but not limited to:

5 days ago

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