It Took Grimes 7 Months To Tell KY Voters Her Keystone Position 

Yesterday, Alison Lundergan Grimes finally took a position on the Keystone pipeline and called on Obama to approve the project. Until now, Grimes had refused to take a position on the oil pipeline, prompting MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to say she was “twisting in the wind.”

16 hours ago

10 Important People Who Can’t Name A Hillary Clinton Accomplishment 

You think Hillary has an “accomplishment problem” ahead of her book release? Look at the 10 people who can’t name a noteworthy accomplishment:

2 days ago

Talking Points Memo is out with a story on our opposition research efforts aimed at derailing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Highlights:

Watch Befuddled State Department Spox Get Stumped On Clinton Accomplishments 

At yesterday’s State Department press briefing, spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked a simple question by AP reporter Matt Lee. What accomplishment can be cited from the review of Hillary Clinton’s State Department. She was stumped.

2 days ago

Proof That Gary Peters Has Been Reading Obamacare Polls 

In the past, Gary Peters has been very open about how awesome he thinks ObamaCare is.

2 days ago

Meet Michelle Nunn’s Revolving Door… 

Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn just released a new campaign ad where she promised to ban former members of Congress from becoming registered lobbyists. While she’s decrying lobbyists and special interests, Nunn failed to mention that she has been raising money from the very same people she says she wants to ban.

3 days ago

Clay Aiken’s ‘Invisible’ Might Have Been About Car Tint 

Clay Aiken’s car has a lot of tint. You might say it makes him “invisible.” You might even want to sing along to “Invisible” by Clay Aiken while you look at it. Unfortunately for candidate Aiken though, North Carolina has strict laws regulating tinting and his car doesn’t seem to be up to code.

3 days ago

Obama’s Keystone Delay Shows Vulnerable Senate Democrats’ Ineffectiveness 

It has become increasingly clear that the only way to get anything done in the Senate is to remove Harry Reid as Majority Leader. Red State Democrats sure can’t do it.

4 days ago

Trial lawyer cronies seem to be behind the ad that came to Bruce Braley’s rescue early this month after video of Braley insulting Chuck Grassley and Iowa farmers surfaced on March 25.

Murphy Continues To Dodge Questions About Florida Rail Project 

After flip-flopping on the All Aboard Florida rail line earlier this month, Patrick Murphy has now begun weaving and bobbing on the issue. CBS 12 said Murphy “didn’t directly answer all of our questions” during a forum on the All Aboard Florida project, including what letter grade he would give the proposed rail line. Murphy needs to reassure […]

7 days ago

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