Ripped From The Headlines: Evan Bayh’s Bad Week 

This morning, News 18 in Lafayette highlighted how some voters are reconsidering their support for Evan Bayh after the candidate cemented concerns about his loyalty to the Hoosier State. Over the weekend, Bayh offered up the wrong address for his Indiana condo.

2 days ago

Feingold Warped Logic On His Big Money College Fees 

Russ Feingold has a tenuous grasp on the facts of his post-Senate employment. Senator Ron Johnson has accused Feingold of bilking many institutions of higher learning for exorbitant fees.

2 days ago

Nevada’s former attorney general, Catherine Cortez Masto, has a lengthy record of putting politics ahead of principle, and this morning’s Las Vegas Review-Journal does its best to fairly present two cases of corruption for its readers.

Patrick Murphy Is A Joke And His Opponents Know It 

Privileged Patrick Murphy’s checkered past is providing plenty of fodder for his primary opponents. Now Pam Keith, the recipient of the Miami Herald’s endorsement, is taking aim at Murphy’s lack of accomplishments with an epic takedown.

2 days ago

Evan Bayh’s Rough Week Continues 

Evan Bayh is having a rough week. The nepotistic former Senator has faced non-stop pressure from Indiana reporters after repeated reports that Bayh abandoned Indiana in 2011. Bayh exacerbated those problems when he fumbled his own Indiana address!

3 days ago

New Editorials Condemn Clinton Foundation Transition As Not Enough 

The fury surrounding Clinton Foundation cronyism continues to consume Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Earlier this week a series of editorials took aim at the apparent pay-to-play scandal at Clinton’s State Department.

3 days ago

Zephyr Teachout’s Hypocritical Carpetbagging 

Zephyr Teachout, the Democratic candidate in New York’s 19th District, has proven her elitist hypocrisy throughout this campaign with a variety of issues.

3 days ago

Out Of Touch Alert: Duckworth Says Iran Deal Has Made America “Safer” 

Illinois Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth’s foreign policy credibility took a major hit yesterday.

4 days ago

Deborah Ross’ Tone Deaf Approach To Obamacare 

Deborah Ross needs to get outside of her ACLU bubble and actually talk to everyday North Carolinians. Her comments yesterday on Obamacare could not be more out of touch.

4 days ago

Clinton Campaign Perfects Head-In-Sand Strategy On Mounting Scandals 

It appears that the only people who don’t recognize what a disastrous week Hillary Clinton has had is the candidate and her staff.

4 days ago

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