The Socialist Takeover Of The Democratic Party Has Begun 

The growing Democratic civil war is headed west. The DNC chairmanship race might be ground zero for Bernie Sanders’ attempt to take over the Democratic Party, but they’ve also shown a desire to extend their reach to individual state parties.

4 days ago

Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub just can’t help himself. 

Hypocrisy Alert: Schumer Benefited From Bank Bailout He Helped Make Happen 

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has spent the week grandstanding in front of the cameras about Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Tom Price’s stock trades. Yet as the Washington Free Beacon shows in an investigation they published yesterday, Schumer is no stranger to using his high political office for personal benefit.

4 days ago

Surreal: Elizabeth Warren Targets DeVos For Not Being A Banker 

Ultra-liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is known for her radical hatred of banks and capitalism in general. Apparently, Warren’s zero tolerance policy towards bankers thaws when she’s trying to score political points against Republicans.

4 days ago

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren Refuses To Shake Devos’ Hand 

During last night’s confirmation hearing for Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, Democrats asked plenty of pointed questions. Yet throughout the hearing a basic level of civility was respected. After the hearing, DeVos approached the dais to shake hands and speak with Senators as they left.

5 days ago

Senate And House Democrats Can’t Get On The Same Page 

While the Democratic civil war has metastasized to states across the country, the epicenter is still in Washington, D.C. This morning, Politico documents how House and Senate Democrats are greatly divided over how to move forward in the post-Obama world.

5 days ago

Sad! Sanders Clone Tom Perriello Touts His Two Obamacare Votes, But Wishes It Went Further 

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello is looking to become to the Bernie Sanders of Virginia. Already Perriello has publicized a flip-flop on the government funding of abortion. Now Perriello is going out of his way to embrace Obamacare.

6 days ago

Democratic Credibility Diminished By Clinton Global Initiative’s Shuttering 

After Election Day, Congressional Democrats love nothing more than to talk about conflicts of interest. Yet the re-emergence into the news of the Clinton Global Initiative, is the perfect reminder of the historic hypocrisy they showed by supporting failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

6 days ago

Democratic Civil War Spreads Across The Nation 

The ongoing Democratic civil war, predicted back in May by America Rising’s Matt Rhoades, is heating up.

6 days ago

Ever since NPR uncovered that Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub used the OGE Twitter account to attack Trump, questions about Shaub’s motivations have grown more prominent.

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