In the past, Gary Peters has been very open about how awesome he thinks ObamaCare is.

Meet Michelle Nunn’s Revolving Door… 

Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn just released a new campaign ad where she promised to ban former members of Congress from becoming registered lobbyists. While she’s decrying lobbyists and special interests, Nunn failed to mention that she has been raising money from the very same people she says she wants to ban.

15 hours ago

Clay Aiken’s ‘Invisible’ Might Have Been About Car Tint 

Clay Aiken’s car has a lot of tint. You might say it makes him “invisible.” You might even want to sing along to “Invisible” by Clay Aiken while you look at it. Unfortunately for candidate Aiken though, North Carolina has strict laws regulating tinting and his car doesn’t seem to be up to code.

1 day ago

Murphy Continues To Dodge Questions About Florida Rail Project 

After flip-flopping on the All Aboard Florida rail line earlier this month, Patrick Murphy has now begun weaving and bobbing on the issue. CBS 12 said Murphy “didn’t directly answer all of our questions” during a forum on the All Aboard Florida project, including what letter grade he would give the proposed rail line. Murphy needs to reassure […]

5 days ago

Jeanne Shaheen loves ObamaCare and she’s not going to let constituents whose premiums have gone up get in the way of that. Shaheen was on WKBK’s Good Morning With Dan Mitchell radio show in New Hampshire when a caller called up to express his concerns about ObamaCare.

House Majority PAC announced this morning that they have placed $6.5 million in television ad reservations in 24 congressional districts. A closer look at the numbers shows that they are spending more money playing defense than offense. Turns out, House Majority PAC is spending money in 18 of the 24 districts to shore up vulnerable […]

This Is Hard To Watch 

While continuing to trail Attorney General Greg Abbott 37 percent to 51 percent, and with nearly half of all registered Texans viewing her unfavorably, it is doubtful news of an FBI probe into Wendy Davis’ work at the North Texas Toll Authority will give her the boost she is looking for. Ouch.

5 days ago

Dems Concede Rahall And Wager Races 

Politico reported today that internal Democrat polling shows that Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) “now trails his Republican opponent significantly” and that many Democrat operatives “no longer think it’s possible” for Michael Wager (D-OH) to win: They’ve been conducting polling much earlier in the election year than they initially anticipated. Democrats privy to the survey data […]

5 days ago

The Associated Press story about Natalie Tennant’s position on energy omitted some key facts about her record.

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