Gym Time Issues Causing De Blasio To Sweat The Bad Headlines 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s workout isn’t the only thing causing him to sweat these days.

3 hours ago

It’s Getting Lonely For Ted Strickland 

Failing Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland must be starting to realize that the cavalry is never coming to help him out. After all, respected elections observer Larry Sabato has now moved the race to “Safe Republican.”

7 hours ago

Five Clips That Show Why Maggie Hassan Is Too Scripted To Become A U.S. Senator 

Democratic Senate candidate Maggie Hassan must wish that New Hampshire Public Radio’s invitation to join them for an hour long interview had gotten lost in the mail. For the entire hour Hassan was on the defensive over her longtime partisan record, her flip-flop on Syrian refugees, and even the fact that she’s a completely scripted […]

8 hours ago

Hypocrite Alert: Zephyr Teachout B-Roll Shows Up In Outside Group’s Ad 

Zephyr Teachout has turned out to be a major campaign finance hypocrite. The Vermont native once said that Citizens United left “the door wide open for corruption.”

9 hours ago

Clinton Misled On Her Weak Stance On Iran 

During the debate tonight, Clinton misled on her record on Iran. She touted sanctions passed by Congress during her tenure as Secretary of State but failed to mention that her State Department fought tooth and nail to water those sanctions down.

20 hours ago

Clinton’s Failed Judgment Repeatedly Risked U.S. Security 

Hillary Clinton’s record on cybersecurity should be alarming for anyone looking seriously at the presidential race. FBI Director James Comey concluded that her reckless private email server, on which she stored sensitive U.S. secrets, could possibly have been hacked by “hostile actors”

20 hours ago

FLASHBACK: Clinton’s “Super-Predator” Comment Damages Her Credibility On Criminal Justice Reform 

Hillary Clinton’s 1996 “super predator” comment was a serious problem for her during the Democratic primary. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was always sure to bring the heinous comment up when the Democratic debates turned to criminal justice reform. When the Presidential debate broached that criminal justice reform, Clinton’s past confrontations with Black Lives Matter activists […]

20 hours ago

ICYMI: Email Scandal Grows Hillary Clinton’s Trust Deficit 

Hillary Clinton was consistently on the defensive when the subject turned to her private email scandal during tonight’s Presidential debate.

20 hours ago

FLASHBACK: Secretary Clinton Said TPP “Sets The Gold Standard” In Free Trade Deals 

During the first Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton wants to pretend her record on trade has always been consistent. Yet as her struggles during the presidential campaign has shown, Clinton’s actual record on trade has haunted her.

21 hours ago

Clinton’s Primary Debate Lowlights Still Presenting Challenges Before First Presidential Debate 

The first Presidential debate is here, and with experts predicting Super Bowl-sized ratings, the impact it will have on the outcome of the race cannot be overstated.

23 hours ago

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