New America Rising Video: “Utter Disarray” 

In the space of the month since Hillary Clinton’s loss, the Democratic Party has come apart at the seams. President Obama came into office with historically large Democratic margins, and is leaving with the House and Senate firmly in Republican control.

2 days ago

DC Democrats Wave White Flag In Louisiana 

The last campaign of 2016 ends tomorrow and DC Democrats are already flying the white flag of surrender. While liberal activists are looking for even a glimmer of hope after Hillary Clinton’s loss, Chuck Schumer and the DSCC have already given up on Louisiana Democrat Foster Campbell.

2 days ago

Goodbye And Good Riddance To Harry Reid! 

Harry Reid might be retiring, but after reading his exit interview with Politico it’s clear that he’s going out in the same style he conducted his time as Senator: clueless and classless. Reid is infamous for the volume of his intemperate remarks, and showed that retirement has not mellowed him out either.

3 days ago

Daily Democrat Civil War: House Dems Take Aim At DCCC 

The civil war consuming the Democratic Party has taken aim at a new target, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

3 days ago

Since Election Day, Democrats have focused all their attention on the last remaining race, the Louisiana Senate race.

Nonpartisan Watchdog Releases List Of Worst Ethical Violators Of 2016 

2016 was an awful year for Democrats across the country. One major reason for that was that from Hillary Clinton on down, the American people saw Democrats as ethically challenged and out of touch.

4 days ago

Midwestern Democrats Continue To Feel Left Out By Nancy Pelosi 

When Nancy Pelosi was still battling Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan for House Minority Leader, she made pledges that her leadership team would be more inclusive. Yet now that Pelosi has overcome that challenge, Midwestern Democrats are still feeling left out.

4 days ago

Democratic Civil War: Democrats “Resigned” To Nancy Pelosi 

Over 30% of the House Democratic Caucus voted against Nancy Pelosi last week. Now a new Politico story shows that the unrest festering within the Democratic caucus has not gone away with that election.

5 days ago

Mutiny On The Left: Liberal Firebrands Want Democratic Party Control 

Retired U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman hardly recognizes his former party.

6 days ago

Updated December 6, 2016

Gaffe-Prone Tom Perez Mulls Run For Governor, DNC Chair 

Tom Perez, President Obama’s secretary of labor, is mulling a bid for Maryland Governor or DNC chair, according to a new report from Politico Pro. The wildly divergent paths of those two options reflect the utter desperation of a man who thought he would be Attorney General in a Hillary Clinton administration.

1 week ago

Updated December 6, 2016

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