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Nobody’s Quite Sold On Clinton Yet 

The hosts of Hillary Clinton’s events in Iowa and New Hampshire want her to face primary competition. Today in New Hampshire, the manager of the Mill where Clinton staged a roundtable “discussion” told New York Times reporter Amy Chozick: “Someone should jump in and give her a little competition.”

7 hours ago

After Effusive Praise Of TPP, Clinton Now “Watching Closely” 

Well that didn’t take long.

3 days ago

It’s Officially A Primary In Pennsylvania 

This morning, the mayor of Allentown, a die-hard Obama supporter, Ed Pawlowski announced he’s entering the race for the U.S. Senate against Congressman Sestak.

3 days ago

Ted Strickland: Someone Who “Desperately” Needs To Validate His Failed Career 

Last week, failed former Gov. Ted Strickland fired up his political machine behind the scenes to orchestrate an endorsement of his Senate candidacy.

3 days ago

Updated April 20, 2015

Will Trade Be Clinton’s 3rd Flip Flop In 6 Days? 

When it comes to trade, Hillary Clinton is in a bind. Congress is set to vote on the giving President Obama fast track authority on trade in a few weeks. Clinton’s political calculation is made more difficult with Republicans and some Democrats siding with President Obama on this issue, while liberal Democrats, whom Clinton is […]

4 days ago

Koster’s Embarrassing Conflict Of Interest Fundraising Continues 

Missouri Attorney General, and gubernatorial candidate, Chris Koster is bragging about his campaign’s policy for not taking money from individuals, lawyers, or lobbyists that have business before his office.

4 days ago

Day 2: Hillary Clinton’s First “Walk Back” 

Let the #Hillary2016 “walk backs” begin! Last night, BuzzFeed reported that the story Hillary Clinton has been telling about all of her grandparents immigrating to the United States “conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents.”

5 days ago

And Clinton’s Keystone Money Keeps Rolling In 

The Clinton Foundation announced yesterday that it would continue accepting foreign donations from Canada, a leading advocate for the Keystone pipeline, throughout Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Clinton herself has never taken a formal position on the Keystone pipeline, having dodged the question on several occasions.

5 days ago

Hillary Clinton Suddenly Changes Tune On Obama’s Handling Of The Economy 

Hillary Clinton changed her tune on Barack Obama’s economic leadership today at an event in Iowa, proving she will say or do anything to win an election.

5 days ago

CAPTURED ON VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Chairman Schmoozing Liberal Donors On Same Day She Talks Campaign Finance Reform 

America Rising cameras caught Clinton’s top brass in San Francisco yesterday raising the kind of “unaccountable money” Clinton was decrying at the very same moment in Iowa.

5 days ago

Updated April 16, 2015

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