Hassan’s Tax, Foreign Policy Positions Put Her At Odds With Voters During Debate 

Maggie Hassan demonstrated she’s on the wrong side of the debate over taxes and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record during this afternoon’s U.S Senate Candidate Forum on Business and the Economy.

13 hours ago

Photographic Evidence Catches Privileged Patrick In Another Lie 

Serial liar Patrick Murphy is at it again, this time over his family’s ties to Donald Trump.

15 hours ago

Last week Politico reported that dozens of House Democrats were benefiting from “millions of extra dollars” spent by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Using a loophole, these ads have been coordinated directly with the campaigns from party headquarters in DC.

As it turns out, the Affordable Care Act isn’t very affordable.

VIDEO: Democrats Have A Hillary Clinton Problem 

America Rising’s new video called “The Hillary Clinton Problem,” shows that Democrats are feeling the heat because of their Presidential nominee.

19 hours ago

Radical Zephyr Teachout Again Rails Against Andrew Cuomo’s Property Tax Cap 

During a debate tonight, Zephyr Teachout once again argued against New York’s property tax cap, which she has opposed since her failed run for governor in 2014.

1 day ago

Updated October 25, 2016

Four Clips That Show That Katie McGinty Is A Rubber Stamp For Hillary Clinton’s Agenda 

During the final Pennsylvania Senate debate, Democrat Katie McGinty showed that if elected she’d be a rubber stamp for Democratic party leaders in DC. On question after question, whether the topic was Obamacare or Iran, McGinty displayed no independence from the positions Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer hold.

1 day ago

Updated October 25, 2016

Evan Bayh Fundraised With Bank Lobbyists On The Same Day He Voted For Bailout 

A devastating new Politico story on Evan Bayh’s actions regarding the bank bailout is raising new questions about how closely tied he is with major financial firms and their lobbyists.

1 day ago

Voter Questions Teachout On Residency 

Brooklyn radical Zephyr Teachout can’t get away from her carpetbagging past. A routine question about Teachout’s background led the Democrat to reveal that she’s actually not from the district. When Teachout was asked if she were “from here” she actually told the voter that she grew up in “rural Vermont.”

2 days ago

Ayotte Racks Up Newspaper Endorsements, While Hassan Faces New Lawsuit 

Senator Kelly Ayotte’s record of accomplishments and foreign policy know-how are paying dividends when it comes to crucial newspaper endorsements.

2 days ago

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