Democrats’ Papa Johns Like Slogan Can’t Overcome The Nancy Pelosi Factor 

Selling a product often comes down to a catchy slogan. Papa Johns has been a successful pizza company for many years, and with the leak of House Democrats’ new slogan, they’ve appeared to take that lesson a little too far.

14 hours ago

Carrier Move Underscores Damage Of Donnelly’s Outsourcing Profits 

Today, 300 Indiana workers at Carrier lost their jobs to Mexican labor. Seeking to capitalize politically on the move, Senator Donnelly released a video touting his End Outsourcing Act and condemning Carrier’s actions.

1 day ago

Elizabeth Warren’s Lobbyist Hypocrisy 

Today on MSNBC, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) attacked Republican ties to lobbyists. Throughout Senator Warren’s career this has been a common critique. Yet a closer look at Senator Warren’s past dealings show that by bashing Republicans for lobbyist connections, she’s also opening herself up to charges of hypocrisy.

1 day ago

Hypocrisy Alert: Cuomo Takes Advantage Of Loophole He Wanted To Close 

As Governor Andrew Cuomo’s abuse of the Moreland Commission shows, he’s long acted like he’s above the law. Now a recent Crain’s New York Business story shows that this applies to his campaign finance views too.

2 days ago

With MTA Undergoing “Summer Of Hell,” Cuomo Focused On $350 Million Bridge Lighting Scheme 

New York City is melting down over Governor Andrew Cuomo’s self-styled “summer of hell.” Yet a Politico story today shows that far from being laser focused on fixing these very harmful transit problems, Governor Cuomo and MTA are focused on decorative bridge lightings.

2 days ago

Buffalo Billions Corruption Trials To Be Major Year-Long Headache For Cuomo 

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s political prospects took a major hit last night. The federal judge overseeing the Buffalo Billions corruption trial split the case into two separate trials.

3 days ago

Two Leading Democrats Agree, Democratic Party Has No Leader 

The Democratic Party is in disarray, and without a leader. Recently, two leading Democrats were pressed to name a single, unifying Democratic leader, and came up completely empty.

3 days ago

Cuomo’s Job Approval Numbers Underwater As His MTA Incompetence Grows 

Last week, a Quinnipiac University poll showed that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s poll numbers had plummeted to “near record lows.” Since then Governor Cuomo’s poll numbers have actually gotten worse.

4 days ago

Democrats’ Single-Payer Litmus Test A Major Midterm Headache 

The Democratic civil war has impacted political races from Virginia to California. Now the intra-party fight is increasingly focused on single-payer, which has the potential to infect every Democratic fight between now and the midterm elections.

4 days ago

“Summer Of Hell” Continues To Exact A Toll On Cuomo’s Political Future 

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has the name, position, and money to join the elite ranks of Democratic contenders in 2020. The problem? Voters don’t like him.

4 days ago

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