America Rising Announces New Records Requests Targeting Cuomo’s Shady Dealings 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seemingly can’t go a week without his administration doing something suspicious. Earlier this month, the Albany Times-Union published new reporting on the Cuomo administration funneling taxpayer money to his campaign donors.

16 hours ago

VIDEO: Tom Perez Dodges Yet Again On “Rigged” 2016 Democratic Primary 

The fairness of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary is an albatross around Former Secretary Tom Perez’s neck. Earlier this month Perez landed himself in hot water when he aligned himself with the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party and said that the 2016 primary was rigged.

17 hours ago

Northam Votes To Protect Sanctuary Cities In Virginia 

Today, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam cast the tie-breaking vote to defeat a bill that would prohibit sanctuary cities in Virginia. This comes a little over a month after Northam announced his support for giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

1 day ago

The fight for DNC Chairman doesn’t end until Saturday, but according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, the fight might be moot if Bernie Sanders and his allies get their way.

2018 Senate Democrats Run From Elizabeth Warren 

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was once thought of as someone who could fill the leaderless void in the Democratic Party. Yet a recent string of awful news for Warren has punctured that belief beyond repair.

2 days ago

Ripped From The Headlines: Gillibrand’s Gorsuch Confession Will Hurt Her 2020 Chances 

The political story of the day is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s comment that Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorusch will certainly be confirmed by the Senate. Additionally, Gillibrand’s gaffe directly contradicts her fellow New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s comment that Gorsuch would have “a very tough row to hoe to get those 60 votes.”

2 days ago

Tammy Baldwin’s Growing Problem With The Truth 

Senator Tammy Baldwin clearly has a Hillary Clinton-level problem with the truth. In February alone Senator Tammy Baldwin has racked up an impressive collection of falsehoods and flip-flops as judged by the Washington Post and Politifact. Baldwin has been called out four separate times. Two of Baldwin’s four falsehoods related to the ongoing Supreme Court […]

2 days ago

DNC Vote Approaches With The Party As Divided As Ever 

With just four days until DNC members vote on who will become the next DNC Chairman, the vote is as chaotic and splintered as when the race first started.

2 days ago

Reeling From Loss, Teachout Moves Left Of Maddow 

Carpetbagger Zephyr Teachout lost by 9 points last year because her left-wing views were closer to the socialism of Bernie Sanders than the pragmatism of New York’s 19th congressional district.

3 days ago

Facing A Liberal Primary Challenge, Nelson Cozies Up To DC Insider Chuck Schumer 

Last week three prominent Florida liberals each confirmed that they were examining a primary challenge to Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL).

3 days ago

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