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Morning Shows: “This Is Not A Happy Morning” For Clinton Campaign 

In the wake of a Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll showing Hillary Clinton’s support in Iowa has evaporated by one third since May and Bernie Sanders within single digits, plus increasing support for a potential run by Vice President Joe Biden, morning shows were rife with pundits and analysts detailing just how bad this poll is for Clinton’s […]

20 hours ago

Hillary’s Latest Campaign Reset Didn’t Even Last 24 Hours 

It’s still 2015 and we’re beginning to lose count of how many times Hillary Clinton’s campaign has hit the “reset” button. One thing is for certain, each has been as effective as the former Secretary of State’s failed reset with Russia.

2 days ago

Revisiting The Iran Deal Dodgers 

Last Friday, we pointed out a trend among Democrats running for U.S. senate – they don’t want to take a position on the President’s controversial Iran deal: Another week has gone by and – unbelievably – we were able to give our graphic designer a break because all eight of these Democrats are still stonewalling, […]

3 days ago

In what was another brutal press conference, Hillary Clinton decided to dodge questions, blame government processes, and ignore tough questions. First, Clinton dodged a question asking if she felt responsible for classified information being in her email account: Then, she once again blamed a “confusing” government disclosure process for her email scandal: And then when […]

Michigan To Host Latest Democratic Primary 

This week, 2014 (failed) Democratic nominee Jerry Cannon decided to throw his hat back into the ring to take another shot at a three term Republican Congressman. Despite being a “top” Democratic recruit, Cannon ended up losing the election by nearly 7 points last cycle.

3 days ago

Michael Bennet Thinks Everyone Should Have Positions Except Him 

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet is facing mounting pressure to take a position on the Iran deal, but at a forum this week – or, 44 days after the deal was released – he continued to dodge direct questions, and indulged in a little hypocrisy to boot.

3 days ago

INEVITABLE? Before A Single Vote Is Cast, Clinton Campaign Says Primary Is All But Locked Up 

In a stunningly arrogant declaration, the Clinton campaign is telling reporters they have enough superdelegates to make up one-fifth of the delegates needed to lock up the nomination. Bloomberg reports:

3 days ago

Scott Peters Caved To Liberal Protesters On The Iran Deal In Record Time 

On Wednesday, nearly 50 protesters organized by gathered at Rep. Scott Peters’ (CA-52) district office to urge him to support Obama’s controversial Iran deal. Peters told the group that he planned to announce his position soon and assured them that he was “trying to do the right thing for the country.”

3 days ago

REPORT: Bill Clinton Tried To Give Speeches In North Korea And The Congo 

ABC News reported today on more documents obtained by Citizens United, which show that Bill Clinton tried to give speeches in North Korea and the Democratic Republic Of The Congo:

3 days ago

Clinton Democrat Ted Strickland Parrots Hillary’s Keystone Pipeline Dodge 

Moments before likening Republicans to terrorists in Cleveland this morning, Hillary Clinton took a moment to throw her support behind Ted Strickland.

4 days ago

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