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During tonight’s debate, Hillary Clinton reiterated her claim that her use of a private email server was “allowed” when she was at the State Department, a claim that has already been debunked by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, and President Obama himself.

Hillary Clinton: She Has Even Flip-Flopped On Being A Progressive Or A Moderate 

At tonight’s Democratic debate, CNN’s Anderson Cooper pushed Hillary Clinton to defend her numerous flip-flops:

51 mins ago

Former Congressman Pete Gallego continues to underwhelm in his bid to reclaim Texas’ 23rd Congressional seat from Representative Will Hurd. Earlier today Politico reported that the former legislator had raised only $205,000 and had $307,000 cash on hand.

We only have a few hours until the first ​ DNC-sanctioned debate in Las Vegas, and sparks are already starting to fly, just not between whom you would expect. The DNC has a heavyweight fight on its hands and it’s not Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the ring, but rather DNC chair Debbie Wasserman […]

House Democrats To Liberal Allies: Stop Attacking Us! 

As Congress gears up to take a vote on President Obama’s historic trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, House Democrats are desperately hoping to avoid the intra-party squabbles they endured this summer, when traditional allies bombarded them with attack ads and publicly pressured them to oppose the deal.

10 hours ago

Yesterday at the No Labels Problem Solvers Convention in New Hampshire, California Democrat Ami Bera said he regularly works across the aisle to accomplish the goals of No Labels’ agenda. But it’s unclear what “goals” Bera is claiming he’s accomplished. YouGov labeled Bera the 22nd least effective member of Congress with an effectiveness score of […]

Michael Bennet Between A Rock And A Hard Place On TPP 

This week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got an earful from The Denver Post for her politically expedient opposition against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Particularly, The Denver Post criticized her stance for bending with the political winds of the moment and pandering to an increasingly out of touch liberal base.

10 hours ago

Hillary Clinton’s Flip-Flop On TPP Still Not Enough To Gain AFL-CIO Endorsement 

Despite applauding her flip-flip on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka still refused to endorse Hillary Clinton for president ahead of tonight’s Democrat debate.

11 hours ago

Dem. Strategist: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Doesn’t Have A Clear Message 

Going into Tuesday’s Democratic debate, Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons pointed out that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a clear message. Read the full transcript of his remarks below: JAMAL SIMMONS: “Well, because he has a message that is really very clear. You know, the Bernie Sanders campaign has been saying the same thing over and over […]

12 hours ago

Hassan’s Demand For Reid Apology Rings Hollow 

Under pressure from Republicans this morning, Maggie Hassan quickly moved to distance herself from controversial comments made by her Party’s leader, Sen. Harry Reid, at a pre-debate event in Las Vegas Monday evening, but her rhetoric rings hollow given she’s accepting support from national Democratic groups aligned with the Senate Minority Leader. Within minutes of […]

12 hours ago

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