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Cortez Masto’s (D-NV) $215,000 “Juice Job” 

When Catherine Cortez Masto was term limited from running for attorney general in Nevada last year, she found a cushy landing at the Nevada System of Higher Education, earning her $215,000 a year.

1 day ago

Illinois Democrat May Have Broken Campaign Finance Laws 

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering, who launched a primary challenge to former Democratic Congressman Brad Schneider in Illinois’ 10th Congressional district, has recently come under fire for potentially illegal campaign fundraising operations. A complaint filed with the FEC by the non-profit watchdog group FACT alleges that Rotering received contributions to her congressional campaign in excess of $5,000 […]

1 day ago

Gov. Hassan’s Budget Veto Draws Criticism Across New Hampshire 

Editorial boards across New Hampshire are taking Gov. Maggie Hassan to task for her politically-motivated budget veto. Boards from the Nashua Telegraph, Foster’s Daily Democrat, and New Hampshire Union-Leader all take issue with Hassan’s decision to cut services rather than work with the legislature.

1 day ago

Russ Feingold Trying To Rewrite The History Of His Scandal-Plagued PAC 

Russ Feingold’s growing scandal regarding his PAC, Progressives United, continues to make news for all the wrong reasons. In an interview with the far-left Shepherd Express, Feingold was asked about his PAC’s woes and pointedly said that the main purpose of Progressives United was not to, “give direct contributions,” to candidates.

2 days ago

New Hillary Clinton Email Disclosure Dominates Morning TV 

Yesterday, the State Department released 3,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private sever. The New York Times Michael Schmidt reported that the State Department had to go back and classify about two dozen of Clinton’s emails, despite claims that the former-sectary hadn’t sent any emails that would be considered sensitive. More troubling are the reports that […]

2 days ago

David Axelrod Emailed Clinton’s Private Account, Despite Saying He Didn’t Know It Existed 

Earlier this month, former Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod claimed he did not know that Hillary Clinton had a private email: However, two new emails show that Axelrod actually emailed Clinton on her private server. On both June 25, 2009 and July 26, 2009, Axelrod sent messages to Clinton’s private email account: This came after […]

3 days ago

What’s Behind Clinton’s Secret Meeting With Labor Leaders? 

Politico is reporting that Hillary Clinton is meeting privately with labor leaders in DC in a couple weeks. What will the meeting entail? Who knows! It’s secret.

3 days ago

Hillary loves Liz. Liz loves Bernie. No one loves Hillary. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton penned a love letter to Elizabeth Warren in TIME Magazine’s “Top 100 Leaders” issue. Clinton laid it on thick, saying Warren “fights so hard for others to share in the American Dream because she lived it herself.”

Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails Are Just Par For The Course According To MSNBC 

Despite repeated claims that she had handed over all work-related emails, the State Department announced last week it was missing 15 emails, a discovery made after longtime Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal handed over emails to the Select Committee on Benghazi – emails, Clinton also claimed, were unsolicited. Clinton even tried to hide here relationship with […]

3 days ago

IA Democrat Continues To Inspire Primary Challengers 

Bad news for Monica Vernon: 2014 Democratic nominee Pat Murphy is strongly considering another run for Iowa’s 1st district. Vernon, who lost to Murphy in a heated 2014 primary race, thought she could breathe easy after her biggest foe decided to withdraw from the campaign. But now Vernon has to deal with the 2014 Democratic victor stepping […]

3 days ago

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