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After cussing up a storm at 2009’s Fancy Farm, Jack Conway, Democrat candidate for Kentucky Governor, played it safe as the crowd erupts in ‘Boring’ chant.

It pays to be the former secretary of state running for president. Despite claiming to be ‘dead broke’ and lamenting that they ‘gotta pay’ their bills, the Clintons have long since surpassed the lifestyle of everyday Americans.

REALITY CHECK: Russ Feingold Says He’s Not A Career Politician. He’s Spent About Half His Life On Government Payrolls. 

What is going on with Senator Russ Feingold? Earlier this week, he had the Democrat Party Chairwoman in Wisconsin telling volunteers to call him “Russ” and to drop any reference to his time in the U.S. Senate (for reference, Senator Feingold spent 18 years in Washington, DC).

1 day ago

Hillary Clinton’s Poor Poll Numbers, Private Email Sever, And Questionable Clinton Foundation Dealings DOMINATE The Morning News Once Again 

Today’s morning shows were dominated yet again by Hillary Clinton’s poor poll numbers, private email sever, and questionable Clinton Foundation dealings. As MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski pointed out, these are Hillary Clinton’s worst favorability ratings, ever, in a Quinnipiac poll. Yesterday McClatchy reported that Hillary Clinton’s private email server had classified emails from five different intelligence […]

1 day ago

Maine Voters Don’t Want Democrat Baldacci To Run 

A local Maine news station, WABI 5, asked its viewers if they thought Joe Baldacci should run for Congress. Sixty-nine percent said that they do not want to see Baldacci run for Congress. While Baldacci running might be Emily’s Cain’s worst fear, it also looks like its Maine voters’ worst fear.

1 day ago

Hillary Clinton Is Suddenly An Advocate For Lifting Cuban Embargo 

Today in Miami, Hillary Clinton is calling for the Cuban embargo to be lifted. But it wasn’t that long ago that Clinton stood with President Bush and strongly advocated FOR the embargo:

1 day ago

New Research Report Exposes Planned Parenthood & Hillary Clinton’s Cozy Relationship 

America Rising and Women Speak Out PAC, a partner of the national pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, released a new joint research report today highlighting Hillary Clinton’s longstanding relationship with Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider that is mired in controversy.

2 days ago

Why Establishment Dems Don’t Like Joe Sestak: It’s Personal, Political, & Ethical 

Pennsylvania establishment Democrats are up in arms over Congressman Joe Sestak’s Senate candidacy. Philadelphia Democrat Congressman Bob Brady went on WHYY radio today and was asked, “What’s your problem with Joe Sestak?” What follows is a four-plus minute rant about past endorsements, incumbent challenges, loyalty, and selfishness.

2 days ago

Clinton Lies To Reporter About Trans-Pacific Partnership 

Today at a press conference in Maryland, Hillary Clinton told a reporter she felt comfortable commenting on the Trans-Pacific Partnership while not commenting on Keystone because she never worked on TPP: Clinton to me on why she comments on TPP but not Keystone: "I did not work on TPP. I advocated for a multi-national trade […]

2 days ago

VIDEO: Clinton Again Refuses To Say What She Thinks The Minimum Wage Should Be 

Today at a press conference following her meeting at the AFL-CIO, Hillary Clinton once again dodged on what she believes the national minimum wage should be.

2 days ago

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