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KY Senate Ad Claims Man Is From A Make-Believe Town


It’s widely been acknowledged that in Alison Lundergan Grimes’ first attack ad, she misled a senior to lie about her opponent’s voting record.

But the fact-checkers didn’t stop there. Grimes introduces longtime Democrat Don Disney in the ad and explains he’s from Cloverlick, Kentucky. But when fact-checkers started looking for Cloverlick, they couldn’t find it.

Why? Cloverlick doesn’t exist! WAVE 3 in Louisville reports:

Disney said his address is actually listed as Cumberland, Ky., not Cloverlick, as the Grimes ad references. Reality Check had been unable to find a town named Cloverlick, Ky.”

Maybe the better question is did anyone watch this thing before it shipped to TV stations?

11 months ago

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