“A Fraud” … “A Disaster Candidate”… “Overrated And Over-hyped” … “A Serial Exaggerator” … “An Unaccomplished, Chronic Embellisher” … “An Emperor With No Clothes”


When the questions get tough, Privileged Patrick Murphy’s first defense is ignorance.


UPDATE: In a bizarre turn of events, the DCCC was forced to walk back Moulton’s support of Derrick, according to an updated Post-Star report: Later on Tuesday, Meredith Kelly, national press secretary for DCCC, said the conference call was not planned as an endorsement.

DCCC Wait What

One could say she’s been Judged and been found wanting. Puns aside, Iowa senate candidate Patty Judge, the great hope of the D.C. Democratic establishment, is having a whopper of a bad week thanks to a botched editorial board meeting with the Des Moines Register on Tuesday. 


Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet met with the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel’s editorial board on Friday and to say it went badly would be an understatement. The paper’s top takeaway from the conversation was Bennet literally saying has no clue how to solve the skyrocketing health care costs crippling western and central Colorado, thanks to Obamacare: