Democrats’ losses in the Kentucky statewide elections earlier this month didn’t just embarrass the Party that had been confidently predicting a win in the governor’s race, it took their most viable candidate in the 2016 senate race off of the bench

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton listens to U.S. President Obama speak during a meeting with members of his cabinet in Washington

Hillary Clinton rolled out a proposal to address the country’s infrastructure needs in Boston this afternoon with a price tag of at least $275 billion.


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which touts itself as “the nation’s most effective environmental action group” on its website, launched an attack against a Republican senator that could only have worked on opposite day.


Following the Democrats’ historic losses in the 2014 midterm elections, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz pledged to put together a group to find out why the Democrats have continued to lose ground. Finally yesterday, after 7 months of delays, the DNC’s “Democratic Victory Task Force” released their report, and reaction so far has not been […]


Gov. Terry McAuliffe has already found himself in hot water for using a state-owned aircraft to fly around the country for rock concerts and Hamptons vacations with Bill and Hillary Clinton, forcing his office to engage in a back and forth with reporters about reimbursement to the taxpayers.


Maggie Hassan, the sitting governor of New Hampshire and candidate for U.S. Senate, is raising eyebrows among reporters for a press release and a tweet touting an article attacking her opponent. Why? The article Hassan cites is from Wonkette.com, an ultra-liberal blog that describes itself as “A vile socialist anti-Christian propaganda blog.”


We only have a few hours until the first ​ DNC-sanctioned debate in Las Vegas, and sparks are already starting to fly, just not between whom you would expect. The DNC has a heavyweight fight on its hands and it’s not Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the ring, but rather DNC chair Debbie Wasserman […]

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At a Washington Post event in Las Vegas on the eve of the Democratic presidential candidates first debate, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid blasted New Hampshire’s First In The Nation primary, attacking the Granite State for lacking a large minority population, saying “nobody lives there.” He went on to flat-out state that New Hampshire and Iowa […]


Ted Strickland took a page out of the Rihanna playbook when he ran into an America Rising tracker, so we made a music video: (NOTE: It wasn’t raining.)


Katie McGinty hasn’t had the best track record on the issues thus far in her senate campaign. She ducked the Iran deal for as long as possible, and ended up on the opposite side of her campaign chair, former Gov. Ed Rendell, on TPP. Now she’s ramping up her attacks on Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, […]