Ted Strickland took a page out of the Rihanna playbook when he ran into an America Rising tracker, so we made a music video: (NOTE: It wasn’t raining.)


Katie McGinty hasn’t had the best track record on the issues thus far in her senate campaign. She ducked the Iran deal for as long as possible, and ended up on the opposite side of her campaign chair, former Gov. Ed Rendell, on TPP. Now she’s ramping up her attacks on Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, […]

maggie hassan bored

As New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan persists with her will-she-or-won’t-she consideration of a potential U.S. Senate run, she continues to be checked out of her day job.

7.26.15 Clinton at Organizing Event in Ames, IA - IMAGE 421

Hillary Clinton made a move to appease liberals like billionaire Tom Steyer yesterday, announcing her opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline (and the more than 40,000 jobs it would create) yesterday in Iowa after months of stonewalling.


As the political world prepares for the second Republican primary debate, the Democratic Party is splintering into several warring wings as Hillary Clinton continues her staggering free-fall.

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It’s long been reported that Democrats have a primary problem, but in key states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida, it’s become a full-blown crisis.


Catherine Cortez Masto’s campaign is not getting off to a good start. Harry Reid’s handpicked successor has been largely absent on the campaign trail, and her few forays into campaigning have resulted in gaffes and bad headlines.


Florida senate candidate Patrick Murphy sat down with CBS Miami’s Jim DeFede for an interview that aired on Sunday, and it…didn’t go terribly well:


Since being handpicked by the Washington, D.C. Democratic establishment, Katie McGinty’s senate campaign has been marked by a complete lack of substance – her website doesn’t even have an “issues” section – and evasiveness on major policy issues like the Iran deal and proposed EPA regulations.


It’s still 2015 and we’re beginning to lose count of how many times Hillary Clinton’s campaign has hit the “reset” button. One thing is for certain, each has been as effective as the former Secretary of State’s failed reset with Russia.