Joe Sestak’s Senate Announcement Was A Complete Disaster 

3 months ago

Updated March 26, 2015

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This morning, Joe Sestak announced that he’s running for the seat he failed to win in 2010. In true Sestak fashion, his announcement failed miserably.


Have you heard the one about the Oregon governor, facing corruption charges, deciding to resign and then changing his mind?


A New Mexico Democrat in the state legislature compared a measure that prevents illegal immigrants from obtaining a drivers’ licenses “to the rounding-up of Jews by Nazi Germany.”


  Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is kicking off 2015 in style! The end of 2014 saw her fellow Democrats mocking Kane for being terrible at her job—“asleep at the switch,” to be exact.

Biden Uh Oh, Joe!

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Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane is really bad at her job. That’s according to Bob Brady, U.S. Congressman and Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, who called Kane “asleep at the switch” as the state’s top prosecutor.


It appears New Mexico Democrats are continuing their tradition of supporting questionable “leaders.” On Saturday, the state House Democrats elected Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton as their whip. Stapleton is known for making a derogatory and highly inappropriate remark against America’s first Hispanic female governor, referring to Governor Susana Martinez as “The Mexican on the Fourth Floor.”

CA Dem Thinks High Speed Rail Is Good Because… The Jetsons 

8 months ago

Updated October 8, 2014


California Democrat Amanda Renteria was asked on two separate occasions during tonight’s CA-21 debate about high speed rail coming to the district.

When asked if under her leadership if taxes would “go up, down, or stay the same,” Coakley spent almost a full minute rambling before admitting she would “raise revenues.”