“Retread” Ted Strickland’s big moment bracketing the Republican National Convention in Cleveland took an off-message turn when he came under fire from reporters and Asian-American advocates for using fortune cookies to attack his opponent on China.


Democrats’ senate candidate recruitment efforts continue to be all over the map and one big mess.

Lobbyist Evan Bayh Lit On Fire By The Left 

2 weeks ago

Updated July 12, 2016


When news broke that failed former senator-turned-lobbyist Evan Bayh is jumping into the Indiana senate race after trashing the senate when he retired in 2010 and promptly becoming a lobbyist in 2011, reporters were quick to point out some, um, major problems with Bayh’s bio


Patriotic Floridians hoping to see Patrick Murphy walking a small town parade route, mini American flag in hand, this July 4th went home to their barbecues disappointed.

bill de blasio

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is at the center of so many scandals that New York Magazine had to publish a report titled “A Beginner’s Guide to the Many Investigations Involving Mayor Bill de Blasio,” so it’s not surprising that City Hall is a tense place to work these days

Privileged Park: Patrick Murphy Graphic

“A Fraud” … “A Disaster Candidate”… “Overrated And Over-hyped” … “A Serial Exaggerator” … “An Unaccomplished, Chronic Embellisher” … “An Emperor With No Clothes”


When the questions get tough, Privileged Patrick Murphy’s first defense is ignorance.