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The New York primary on April 19th is make-or-break time for Hillary Clinton. She’s lost eight of the last nine Democratic contests, and it will be an utter embarrassment if she loses her adopted home state of New York.


When longtime political hack Terry McAuliffe ran for governor of Virginia in 2013, he sought to position himself as a job-creating businessman, and even cooked up a long since abandoned mini-car company funded with Chinese money to bolster his business cred. But McAuliffe’s economic development efforts as governor have ranged from embarrassment to complete disaster.

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Everyone watching the Pennsylvania senate race knows Katie McGinty has no problem sacrificing the truth for the sake of campaign rhetoric, but her latest false attack on one of her rivals is racking up the fact check fails with record speed.


For the latest example of a Democrat senate candidate setting Capitol Hill hearts aflutter but leaving local leaders and activists cold, look no further than Iowa’s Patty Judge.

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The Democratic National Committee’s superdelegate process has come under relentless scrutiny for favoring political insiders – and giving Hillary Clinton an institutional advantage over Bernie Sanders.


Remember Bruce Braley? The once-upon-a-time Democrat rising star who was favored to win the 2014 Iowa senate race until he was caught on video condescendingly referring to Sen. Chuck Grassley as a “farmer from Iowa” who “never went to law school”?