It’s bad enough for Democrats that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will be a massive liability for all their candidates next year. What compounds that problem is that privately, House Democrats know all too well how harmful Pelosi’s leadership continues to be, yet are powerless to shake things up.

Elizabeth Warren with Nancy Pelosi

Last week, America Rising documented that Democratic leaders have been lying left and right about Obamacare and what the AHCA would do when it replaces Obamacare.

Democrats’ classlessness during the health care debate should not surprise anyone. After all, prominent Democratic leaders like Senator Elizabeth Warren asserted that “people will die” from the Republican plan.

Yesterday, a Harvard-Harris poll showed the full scope of the Democratic leadership vacuum. A plurality of people said “no one” was currently leading the party, while two of the politicians who received large percentages were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both retired.

Democrats need to embrace their touchy-feely side to win back the White House. That’s according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who spoke with reporters yesterday about what Democrats need to do going forward

The civil war consuming the Democratic Party has taken aim at a new target, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

When Nancy Pelosi was still battling Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan for House Minority Leader, she made pledges that her leadership team would be more inclusive. Yet now that Pelosi has overcome that challenge, Midwestern Democrats are still feeling left out.

Over 30% of the House Democratic Caucus voted against Nancy Pelosi last week. Now a new Politico story shows that the unrest festering within the Democratic caucus has not gone away with that election.

It’s only been 3 weeks, but the Election Night trouncing that Democrats received across America is already looking like it could be just the first of many more to come. But the stage for this complete crisis was set many years ago.