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The New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board has become the latest Granite State news outlet to point out that Gov. Maggie Hassan just might have a Clinton problem on her hands, asking, “Is Hassan willing to answer for her candidate, Hillary Clinton?”:

Maggie Hassan smiles in Londonderry, NH

The sixth and final New Hampshire debate presented Democrat Maggie Hassan with a litany of problems.

Maggie Hassan pictured outdoors in Concord New Hampshire

During the penultimate New Hampshire Senate debate, Governor Maggie Hassan was held accountable for her failed record as governor that has been so harmful for the state.

Maggie Hassan, Hillary Clinton

Maggie Hassan demonstrated she’s on the wrong side of the debate over taxes and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record during this afternoon’s U.S Senate Candidate Forum on Business and the Economy.

Senator Kelly Ayotte’s record of accomplishments and foreign policy know-how are paying dividends when it comes to crucial newspaper endorsements.

Maggie Hassan’s lack of foreign policy experience is proving to be a serious liability for her Senate campaign. Speaking with the Concord Monitor’s editorial board, Hassan displayed why her weakness on foreign policy is such a problem.

Governor Maggie Hassan’s failed record was once again a major topic during the second New Hampshire Senate debate. Hassan’s past inability to state whether she found Hillary Clinton to be honest and trustworthy was another difficult topic for the Democratic challenger.

Maggie Hassan, Hillary Clinton

After her debate performance this morning, Governor Maggie Hassan can’t be happy that she has five more debates to go in the New Hampshire Senate race. That’s because on topic after topic, Hassan was forced to defend the failed Obama-Clinton status quo that has proven so harmful for New Hampshire’s middle class.

Maggie Hassan hand on chin in New Hampshire close up.

Democratic Senate candidate Maggie Hassan must wish that New Hampshire Public Radio’s invitation to join them for an hour long interview had gotten lost in the mail. For the entire hour Hassan was on the defensive over her longtime partisan record, her flip-flop on Syrian refugees, and even the fact that she’s a completely scripted […]