2020 Democrats To The Left Of Kerry & Clinton On Syria 

4 months ago

Updated April 21, 2017

After murderous dictator Bashar Al-Assad gassed his own people yet again, most Americans applauded the air strikes directed against his regime.

The political story of the day is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s comment that Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorusch will certainly be confirmed by the Senate. Additionally, Gillibrand’s gaffe directly contradicts her fellow New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s comment that Gorsuch would have “a very tough row to hoe to get those 60 votes.”

FLASHBACK: Gillibrand’s Clinton Speech Gaffe 

1 year ago

Updated April 21, 2017

One day last spring, as Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) turned up the pressure on Secretary Clinton to release her paid speech transcripts

Last week, key Clinton surrogate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) veered wildly off message when asked about Secretary Clinton’s paid speech transcripts. The two have been playing cleanup ever since, and with the New York primary tomorrow, Clinton’s obfuscation and Gillibrand’s off-message comments have become a huge problem.