Karen Handel’s big win last night in the Georgia-6 special election is the most demoralizing result yet in a year full of them for Democrats. Democrats threw everything they had behind Jon Ossoff, yet in the end voters rejected Nancy Pelosi’s candidate.

Today is Election Day in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, which means that Jon Ossoff will join 96.5% of his donors in not being able to vote in the race. Until the very end, Ossoff’s residency issues have dogged his campaign.

Tuesday is Election Day in Georgia. Yet for Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff it’s also another reminder to voters across Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District that he doesn’t live in the district, and thus cannot vote for himself.

With one week left in the Georgia special election. Jon Ossoff’s campaign has never been able to explain away his resume lies.

With early voting well underway, Jon Ossoff cannot afford more bad headlines about his key vulnerabilities. Yet lately that’s exactly what he’s gotten concerning his out of state money and ties to Nancy Pelosi.

Jon Ossoff’s debate performance didn’t get any better from his dismal performance on Tuesday. This morning, Ossoff’s debate started on the wrong foot when he thanked the wrong debate sponsor, and got even worse once he moved on to issues of substance.

Tonight’s first debate in the Georgia-6 runoff election showed the district why Jon Ossoff, even with Nancy Pelosi’s millions, has never been able to close the deal. Ossoff gave a shaky performance tonight, befitting the fact that he was just a “junior staffer for Hank Johnson,” as Secretary Karen Handel put it.

The first debate in the Georgia-6 special election runoff is tonight. Given the race’s distinction as the most expensive House race of all-time, the spotlight will be bright for Jon Ossoff tonight. Yet as Ossoff showed during the first phase of the special election, debates only serve to highlight his many weaknesses as a candidate.

Democrats love to hype up Jon Ossoff, even though he’s a serial exaggerator. In the past Ossoff has been compared to Barack Obama. Now Congressman John Lewis is taking that already outrageous comparison, and stretching it to new heights.