The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust’s ethics complaint against Congressman Hank Johnson using federal resources to help Jon Ossoff’s campaign has been a major headache for Ossoff this week.

At 30 years of age, Jon Ossoff is wealthier than most voters will ever be. His personal net worth of at least $1.7 million is joined by his family’s net worth that is much higher.

The more Georgia-6 voters learn about Jon Ossoff, the more it becomes clear that Ossoff is neither a serious person or candidate.

If as the saying goes, you’re judged by the company you keep, Jon Ossoff is in for a rough time on June 20th. That’s because Ossoff’s Congressional bid is being powered exclusively by national Democrats, whose liberal policies make them heavily unpopular in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

Jon Ossoff has long used his political connection to Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) to obscure his complete lack of qualifications. Now though, Ossoff’s ties to Congressman Johnson have landed them both in hot water.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) endorsed Jon Ossoff today. The fact that the socialist Senator would support Ossoff is just the latest sign that Ossoff is out of touch with the district.

Jon Ossoff made big news this week when he faced repeated questions about the fact that he can’t vote in the GA-6 special election. Now CNN revealed more damaging details about Ossoff’s voting history.

Georgians saw Obamacare premiums to go up by an average of 32% in 2017, yet if you just listened to Jon Ossoff on CNN, you’d think Obamacare was a great program. Showing his youth and inexperience, Ossoff actually admitted that he’d have voted for Obamacare

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The senior DNC leadership needs to get on the same page. Today DNC Chairman Tom Perez and DNC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison are pedaling two very different messages about the GA-6 runoff result last night.