Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) continues to show no appreciation for the political fallout that’s come from his outsourcing scandal.

Today, 300 Indiana workers at Carrier lost their jobs to Mexican labor. Seeking to capitalize politically on the move, Senator Donnelly released a video touting his End Outsourcing Act and condemning Carrier’s actions.

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) still doesn’t seem to appreciate the gravity of his outsourcing hypocrisy. When the Associated Press broke the news that Donnelly had made tens of thousands in profit from his brother’s company, which outsources labor to Mexico, Donnelly never even apologized.

Senator Joe Donnelly’s half measures aren’t going to cut it. The Indiana Senator has been on the defensive since the Associated Press uncovered that he was making tens of thousands in profit from a family company that had shipped American jobs to Mexico.

The magnitude of Senator Joe Donnelly’s outsourcing problems continues to grow. The Associated Press story yesterday established that while Donnelly talks a big game about outsourcing, he’s personally profited from moving jobs to Mexico. Now a new story by the Washington Free Beacon heightens the scandal, showing that Donnelly didn’t start to invest in the […]

In the past, Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) has been a vocal opponent of the “corporate greed” that leads corporations to send jobs to Mexico. Yet a blockbuster Associated Press story has exposed that when Senator Donnelly made those comments, he might as well have been talking about himself.