A profile of Hillary Clinton in front of blue curtain at New Hampshire town hall.

FBI Director James Comey blasted Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material today during a press conference at FBI headquarters. Comey’s blistering criticism stated that Clinton and her staff were “extremely careless” with “very sensitive, highly classified information.”

New AR PAC Video: “Failed Leadership” 

2 years ago

Updated August 21, 2015

After Election Day, Congressional Democrats love nothing more than to talk about conflicts of interest. Yet the re-emergence into the news of the Clinton Global Initiative, is the perfect reminder of the historic hypocrisy they showed by supporting failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

The ongoing Democratic civil war, predicted back in May by America Rising’s Matt Rhoades, is heating up.

Walter Shaub, the director of President Obama’s ethics office, has been in the headlines a great deal lately. While the attention has primarily focused on recent events, America Rising thought it valuable to take a closer look at his role in Hillary Clinton’s unethical paid speeches.

The continuing Democratic civil war has a number of fronts, yet perhaps none are as contested as the question over what the party should do about working class white voters. Clinton’s failure in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, states Democrats had won for decades, makes this an acute problem for the party.

2016 was an awful year for Democrats across the country. One major reason for that was that from Hillary Clinton on down, the American people saw Democrats as ethically challenged and out of touch.

Nancy Pelosi claims that she has the votes to stay Minority Leader, but that doesn’t mean that the next two weeks won’t be painful for her.

In the face of Election Day’s catastrophic results for the Senate and House Democratic caucuses, both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are facing a struggle to stay in their leadership posts.

The unprecedented fracturing of the Democratic Party in the six days after the election has been matched only by the unprecedented degree to which the party finds itself out of power on all levels of government.