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The New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board has become the latest Granite State news outlet to point out that Gov. Maggie Hassan just might have a Clinton problem on her hands, asking, “Is Hassan willing to answer for her candidate, Hillary Clinton?”:

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After the horrific shooting in Alexandria, there was a bipartisan consensus that the rhetoric in DC should be toned down significantly. Yet now that the Senate Republican have presented a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, certain Democrats are throwing those calls for more civility out the window.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at a campaign event with outstretched hand.

Since Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss, the Democratic Party has been convulsed by a destructive civil war. Yet if you listened to Senator Elizabeth Warren on David Axelrod’s podcast yesterday, you’d never know it.

Need proof that the extreme Elizabeth Warren-Bernie Sanders wing has taken over the Democrat Party? Just watch the latest ad from Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello

In 2017, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has become an increasingly active presence on the national political stage.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has long had a take it or leave it relationship with transparency. She wants the world to be transparent yet increasingly, on issues like her mysterious seven figure line of credit, Warren does not apply to same standard to herself.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at a campaign event.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s new book and the following book tour was the soft launch of her 2020 presidential campaign.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at AFL CIO rally

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has a well-earned reputation as a far left extremist.

elizabeth warren in grey brown suit

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s national profile might be rising thanks to her book tour, yet the complications coming from her increasing presence continue to cause problems for her and the Democratic Party.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at AFL CIO rally

Senator Elizabeth Warren is making a habit out of attacking former President Barack Obama. Last week, Warren spoke out against Obama’s big money speech, saying she was “troubled” by it. Warren, not content to just criticize Obama’s post-presidency, is now looking back critically on his presidency.