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The New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board has become the latest Granite State news outlet to point out that Gov. Maggie Hassan just might have a Clinton problem on her hands, asking, “Is Hassan willing to answer for her candidate, Hillary Clinton?”:

Elizabeth Warren speaks at AFL CIO rally

Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder will appear before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions tomorrow.

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The critics of Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos are getting desperate. They know their fight to stop her nomination, on behalf of Teachers’ Unions, is about to fail and so in their desperation they are hurling awful accusations at DeVos.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at a campaign event with outstretched hand.

The first major fight of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary is upon us with announcement of a new Supreme Court nomination.

Today Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced that she would vote against Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. Since Warren received a ferocious backlash after she voted for Ben Carson, this is not a surprising announcement. Yet it still once again brings up how much of a hypocrite Warren is.

The Democratic Party is in the middle of a harrowing civil war. Yet a new story by the Huffington Post reports that while DC politicians are fighting amongst themselves, leftist activists are turning against all of them.

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The Democratic Party is undergoing a larger movement over how to deal with its new electoral reality. Some party leaders demand that the Democratic Party “oppose everything,” while others want to work with the new administration

Elizabeth Warren speaks at a campaign event.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) likes to grandstand about the financial transparency of Cabinet nominees. Yet an explosive report by the Washington Free Beacon shows that Warren’s own finances are quite opaque.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at AFL CIO rally

Aside from the Patriots heading to their seventh Super Bowl, the other big news out of Massachusetts this morning is startling new polling data showing Senator Elizabeth Warren vulnerable in her 2018 re-election.

Ultra-liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is known for her radical hatred of banks and capitalism in general. Apparently, Warren’s zero tolerance policy towards bankers thaws when she’s trying to score political points against Republicans.

Elizabeth Warren speaks at a campaign event.

During last night’s confirmation hearing for Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, Democrats asked plenty of pointed questions. Yet throughout the hearing a basic level of civility was respected. After the hearing, DeVos approached the dais to shake hands and speak with Senators as they left.