Catherine Cortez Masto Sunglasses

Catherine Cortez Masto is Harry Reid’s handpicked replacement. After all, he endorsed her as soon as he announced his retirement and has been a relentless booster ever since she started her Senate campaign.

Catherine Cortez Masto Sunglasses

Last week, Harry Reid was asked a question about what type of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto would be, and immediately made the response about Cortez Masto’s appearance.

55% of Nevada voters do not believe Hillary Clinton is trustworthy. Apparently one of the few Nevadans that still believes in Hillary Clinton is Democratic Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto.

Senator Harry Reid is going out with a bang. The Nevada Senator has had a long career of making sexist, racist, and just plain insulting remarks, and today proved that he’s going to continue embarrassing himself right up until he leaves the Senate.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) re-entered the political fray by endorsing Katie McGinty (D-PA), Governor Maggie Hassan (D-NH), Ted Strickland (D-OH), and Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV).

Nevada’s former attorney general, Catherine Cortez Masto, has a lengthy record of putting politics ahead of principle, and this morning’s Las Vegas Review-Journal does its best to fairly present two cases of corruption for its readers.

Despite doggedly avoiding the press and being largely absent from the campaign trail, Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto is still managing to rack up negative headlines – and this week was no exception.

Despite denials from the White House, reports reveal that internal conversations within the Obama Administration centered around concerns that sending – literally – pallets of cash to Iran as U.S. hostages were released sure seemed like a “ransom payment.”