The Democratic civil war took a divisive turn this past week over abortion. While Senator Bernie Sanders steadfastly support Nebraska politician Heath Mello, groups like NARAL and the Daily Kos pulled their support and vociferously attacked Mello.

The reviews are in and the Bernie Sanders-Tom Perez Unity Tour is officially a failure. The tour was just a massive embarrassment when it was limited to Perez getting booed or Bernie saying he wasn’t a Democrat, but with the huge controversy over Heath Mello, the unity tour has actually managed to make the Democratic […]

The Bernie Sanders-Tom Perez Democratic unity tour is having an embarrassingly bad week. As NPR’s Domenico Montanaro pointed out, the tour was troubled from the start

The absurdity of having Senator Bernie Sanders headline a Democratic unity tour was on full display last night.

The Democratic Party thought it was a good idea to run a scandal-plagued, ethically-challenged candidate in the 2016 presidential race, so the bar for good ideas is set comically low. Even given that, the brain trust over at the DNC have outdone themselves with their latest gambit, a Bernie Sanders-Tom Perez tour starting today.

The Democratic civil war between grassroots activists and the Democratic establishment is reaching new heights after the party’s failure in Kansas-4 special election.

Last year’s strong showing by socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is proving to be no aberration. With the Democratic Party out of power to an extent not seen since the 1920s, Congressional leadership is now looking to Sanders’ extreme message, as their way back from the abyss.

When Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders take the stage together tonight, they’re sure to present a united front. And it’s true: they both share a commitment to fundamentally remaking America under their extreme-left wing vision. But beneath that surface, these two really don’t get along.

During the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-TV) established himself as one of the most left-wing extremists in politics.

A new Harvard-Harris poll should make any Democrat nervous.